1. French’s Breckamore By Design. Eye catching beautifully coloured b/m who excels in breed type. Has a lovely balance thanks to his correct construction. Very good shoulders, upper arm and bend of stifle. Correct length of back. Has a habit of standing with a sloping top line sometimes but I could find no constructional reason for this. Lovely reach of neck. His head is clean with correct stop and well moulded foreface. Really pleasing eye and expression. Ears correctly set and well used. Moved so well, covering the ground with ease as if he could go all day. Pleased to award him the CC and I understand his title on the day. Congratulations.

Breckamore Blossom contiunes her winning ways
Post Grad Bitch (5,0)
1. French’s Breckamore Blossom. What a lovely bitch. Will surely gain her title. My notes say ‘Exquisite’. Perfectly balanced with correct angulations and body length and moving with effortless ease. Lovely reach of neck. Her head is so balanced, lovely mouldings and correct stop. The most beautiful expression thanks to her correctly set, dark almond eyes and well set and used ears. She was not outclassed by the top bitches here today.
Judge Mrs Bev White


Breckamore By Design 2nd Open Dog from 10!

Breckamore Blossom wins post grad bitch, RCC and takes Reserve Best in Show from an entry of 213 rough and smooth collies!

Yorkshire Collie Club open show

Breckamore Blossom wins Best smooth Collie Bitch, Best of Breed, Reserve Best in Show!

Manchester Championship show
Ch Foxearth Flock Master takes RCC after well over 12 months out of the ring!

July 16th 2016

Blushing Groom now has 2CC's & 3 Rcc's

July 26th  Leeds

Breckamore By Design
At his very first show aged 8 months
Best Puppy in Breed

Third Minor Puppy Stakes 

July 11th 2015
  We do the Double at National Working & Pastoral Breeds Champion F Flock Master takes his 12th CC & Champion B Bridget Jones takes her 4th CC all with Best of Breed.

                                                                                             June 14th 2015
*Champion Breckamore Bridget Jones gains her Title*

May 3rd 2015
*Champion Breckamore Fly me to Foxearth gains her Title*

April 24th 2015
*Champion Fortune Cookie from Breckamore gains her Title*

April 2015
A trip down to East Anglian Collie Association open show with an entry of 15 Smooths
Litter sister & brother by Ch Flock Master.
Breckamore Bang Tidy 1st Open bitch, Best Bitch, Best of Breed
Breckamore Blushing Groom 1st Open Dog, Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex

March 2015

Scottish Breeds
Flock Master and I missed due to me having flu but his daughters certainly flew the flag!

Bridget Jones takes CC & BOB
Breckamore Fly me to Foxearth RCC

JB (1) 1 White’s Breckamore Bridget Jones, wow! What a precocious young lady she is! Just over the year she just demands one’s attention the moment she steps into the ring. A beautiful young tri of the very highest quality. She is extremely feminine with a lovely outline with good topline & reach of neck, she is well angulated on the hindquarters & has a good shoulder, she has a surprising depth & spring of rib for one so young. However, it is when you get to her head that she really excels, she has the most feminine of heads, extremely clean in backskull no excessive depth, very flat on skull, perfect stop & a smooth well rounded muzzle with good underjaw. She has a correct eye in size, shape, set & colour, giving the desired expression that is all too rarely found, topped off by superb ear carriage. She moves as she is built, with consummate ease, drive & purpose. She is an absolute show off & gives as much as any handler could wish for, all of the time. We are going to hear & see much more of this young lady in the future, of that I have no doubt! I was absolutely thrilled to award her the CC & BOB. Congratulations!
OB (4,1) 1 Hayward’s Breckamore Fly Me to Foxearth, extremely well constructed sable with excellent bone & substance, she has a good outline with excellent shoulder construction & placement & good rear angulation. She has a very flat skull, good stop & muzzle & strong underjaw. She has a correct eye & pleasing expression. She moves very well & is in great condition & I was pleased to award her the RCC Judge Mr A Clarke

SCCGB Smooth Collie of the Year
Flock Master takes Best dog & Reserve Smooth Collie of the Year 2015

Bridget Jones takes Puppy of The Year 2015
Winning us the Trophy for Breeder of Top Puppy

We also won the Points Trophy's for winning most major wins & most CC's won

Breckamore Bridget Jones Best Puppy in breed Crufts
Ch Flock Master 3rd Open dog only beaten by CC & Rcc winners
Breckamore Bang Tidy 2nd Post Grad bitch

January 16th 2015
B Bridget Jones takes Best Puppy, BCC & Best of Breed
Her Sire Flock Master takes RCC

December  14th 2014
B Bridget Jones takes Best puppy and RCC

December 6th
Our last show of 2014 and a clean sweep for Breckamore Smooth Collies!
British Collie Club Christmas show, Breckamore Bridget Jones at 8 months old, BB, BP, BOB, BIS, BPIS
Breckamore Blushing Groom 18 months old BD, RBOB RBIS.

November 30th
Ch Flock Master gains Best of Breed at Collie Associaition Ch show along with Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex in Show

Collie Association awards

News from Norway that Breckamore Banoffee, a Flock Master Daughter, has been hips scored = A/A

August 30th
Birmingham National Ch F Flock Master is in double figures with his 10th CC and another BOB!

August 10th
Bournemouth  Ch F Flock Master wins his 9th CC with another BOB and is SHORTLISTED (final 8) in the Pastoral Group
His daughter Breckamore Bang Tidy wins Junior bitch.

July 6th
Ch Foxearth Flock Master For Breckamore JW took his 8th CC with BOB & Reserve Best In Show at WECS
Foxearth Finger Print wins Post Graduate Bitch WECS

June 21st
Breckamore Banoffee (Norway) celebrated her first birthday in style taking her first RCC

June 2014
Ch Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore JW wins his 7th CC, Best Opposite sex in show & Reserve Best in Show.
His Daughter Breckamore Bang Tidy qualifys for Crufts at her first Ch show & takes Best Puppy Bitch.
Foxearth Finger Print wins Post Graduate:  London Collie Club Championship show.

May 2014

Breckamore Bang Tidy makes her showing debut at 11 months old at Yorkshire Collie Club & certainly did it with a Bang!  Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed and finally Best Puppy in Show.  Her full brother Breckamore Blushing Groom took Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Dog.


SKC Flock Master takes his 7th RCC. Blushing Groom wins his class & Fortune Cookie takes her 2nd CC!

Yes another fabulous day only 7 days after Lancs & Cheshire BIS.
Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore takes his 6th CC and Best of Breed Birmingham National dog show under Mr H. Jones

*Yet another litter of 6 puppies all eye tested clear*

Wow!  Lancashire and Cheshire Collie Club Ch show turned out to be a fabulous day for my kennel.

Foxearth Flock Master For Breckamore took his 5th CC & BOB under Mr P. Bailey

Breckamore Blushing Groom took the RCC behind his Sire.

Breckamore Fly Me To Foxearth took Best Puppy in Breed.

Best in show judge was this years Cruft's Best in Show Judge Mr J. Bispham.

From over 100 Rough Collies and 17 Smooth Collies entered:

Flock Master took BEST IN SHOW.

His daughter Breckamore Fly Me To Foxearth took BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.

Many thanks to judges Mr Bailey and Mr Bispham.


Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show winners Judges critiques below.

BIS judge (Crufts BIS 2014)  Mr J Bispham wrote
French's Ch Foxearth Flock Master For Breckamore JW, still only 2 years old but so full of quality. Very alert & he has a lovely head with well shaped eyes & very good ear carriage which he uses to advantage. Very impressive outline & sound
ly made both front & rear. He looked a picture when standing showing off his good shape & he has a very good smooth action with plenty of drive. Best In Show.

Best Puppy in Show was the smooth Haywards Breckamore Fly Me To Foxearth, she is only 10 months but stands and shows as if she has been around the shows for years. I see she is by the BIS winner so the Smooth people had a good day. Impressive head and expression, first class neck of good length & well set. Good overall body shape, nice shoulder / upper arm angulations & soundly made hindquarters all give the required action.

Breed judge Mr P. Bailey wrote:
Puppy Dog French's Breckamore Blushing Groom, S&W male, a good sound youngster with a good head pattern, correct shaped eyes & good ear shape giving that true expression, he has a well balanced body shape, in lovely condition, moved well with a good tail carriage , legs & feet are good, lovely pasterns. I note from the catalogue he is sired by the BOB Male, some good breeding here. RCC. 
2nd Anderson's Breckamore Best Bitter, tri male in nice condition, moving well, ear placement & carriage quite good, I note a litter brother of the winner, well done.

Open Dog 1st French's Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore, a very sound true moving 2 year old male with the best of make & shape, lovely correct balanced outline, loin & croup are first class. Has a great front construction with good shoulder placement, correct upper arm, rear stifles & hock are correct, his head is very good with the correct balance of muzzle, stop & backskull. Lovely correct shape almond eyes , good ear placement, in tip-top condition, well handled & movement could not be faulted, he is a great example of this lovely breed, thank you for bringing him, CC, BOB & BIS.

PB Haywards Breckamore Fly Me To Foxearth, S/W 10 months bitch, I liked everything about this young bitch, her head and expression are quite outstanding, eyes are the correct almond shape, she has a good earset & carriage, lovely balanced head, her make & shape are good, lovely to handle, in tip-top condition, her movement was sound & true, a lot going for this one. I shall watch her progress with interest, well done BP & BPIS.

LB 1st Foxearth Fly Orchids.
2nd Rodens Fortune Cookie from Breckamore, a good sound moving bitch with a correctly balanced outline. her make & shape are good, her movement was correct, she has a very pleasing head pattern, again a bitch with a lovely temperament, thank you.

March 2014  CRUFTS   

Open dog (13,1) 
1ST CH FOXEARTH FLINTAB.   Litter brother to Flock Master. 

3RD. French: CH FOXEARTH FLOCK MASTER FOR BRECKAMORE JW. Another tricolour also in hard condition and this showed in fluent movement but he just lacked the forward extension of those above him. Good balanced head, nice eye and foreface. With a well placed stop and used his ears well. Good depth of chest and he has a lovely outline on the move but today just spoilt by slightly higher tail carriage. To be honest, I was really splitting hairs between 2nd and 3rd, and these 3 dogs will always change places

To watch latter part of Open Dog class click here


1ST Kemp – BRECKAMORE BLACK CAVIAR, lovely tri growing up on good lines and construction. She needs time to mature and fill out but at this stage is looking very promising. Loved her head and expression. Good body and coat and moved well for her age and pleased to award her BPIB

LIMIT (8/1)

1. French – FINNISH TOUCH FOR BRECKAMORE Young tri bitch who appealed for her breed type. Pleasing head and eye. I liked her neck and shoulders. Good outline legs and feet, moved out quite freely here but in the challenge decided to change her mind.

POST GRAD (10/1) 2ND. Roden – FORTUNE COOKIE FROM BRECKAMORE, sable who was not happy following an incident outside the ring which affected her stability. However, she soon settled down to show off her virtues and take the GC Class later in the day.

Many many thanks to judge Mrs Carole Smedley lovely day for a small kennel.

March 2014  British Collie Ch show 
                        Breckamore Blushing Groom's first Championship show and only his second show                                                                                                                     BPD, BPIB, RCC gaining Stud Book no!   
Puppy Dog: (8, 2)

1. French’s Breckamore Blushing Groom, 8 month old s/w with very correct head and beautiful expression, lovely dark eye, good length of neck leading into excellent top line, correct croup and tail set, excellent angulation front and rear, good bone and good feet, a lovely youngster who moved exceptionally well for his age RCC & BPIB.    Judge Mrs R Gibson

                        Breckamore Black Caviar 4th Puppy bitch                                                                                                             Breckamore Best Bitter qualfy's for Crufts first time shown

February 2014   Maidenhead & District  
                               Breckamore Black Caviar BP AVNSC Pastoral and Pastoral Puppy Group 4!

Top Breeders Ireland in partnership with Mr, Mrs Hayward (Foxearth) for the 2nd consecutive year

  Yorkshire Collie Club 2014
                         Breckamore Blushing Groom's first show,                                                                                                                                          BPD, BP, RES BD, RES BPIS

Manchester Ch show
                         Breckamore Black Caviar's first show, 3rd Puppy bitch  qualyfing for Crufts

December  Flock Master takes his 4th CC at the prestigious LKA Championship show
                   Finger Print gains second Post Grad Bitch.

November  Flock Master gains his third CC, BOB & Reserve Best in Show L&P Ch show

October    Flock Master wins BOB, RBIS & BOS in show at EACC.

Foxearth Flock Master wins his 6th RCC at London Collie Club.

Barley Twist For Breckamore gains her Irish Title and gives her Breeders the above award!

Collie Association Flock Master goes Best In Show

Birmingham National Flock Master wins his 5th RCC

Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club
Foxearth Flock Master wins his 4th RCC.

Foxearth Flock Master takes his second Challenge Certificate!

Flock Master has been mated to Foxearth Sticky Fingers, scan confirms we are expecting puppies, see puppy page for details.

What a month March 2013 turned out to be!

Scottish Breeds
Lilymead Amazing Grace wins her crowning CC
Foxearth Flock Master wins RCC

Foxearth Flock Master wins
 * The SCCGB Puppy of The Year 2013 Competition *
 and was in the last 4 for Top Male.

Finnish Touch For Breckamore & Foxearth Flock Mater For Breckamore win both their classes at CRUFTS.
*Flock Master gains final Points for his Junior Warrant*

Foxearth Flock Master is confirmed The Our Dogs / Dorwest competition
* Top Smooth Collie Puppy 2012 *

LKA December 2012
Flock Master gains 1st Limit Dog and his second RCC at 15 months old.
Amazing Grace gains 1st Veteran Bitch.

Collie Association
Flock Master gains 1st Junior and 1st Limit Dog.
Finnish Touch gains Best Puppy in Breed.

Finnish Touch for Breckamore.
Qualify's for Crufts first time of asking.

Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore.
York Open show.
Pastoral Group 2, Puppy Group 1, Best Puppy in Show.
Judge Mr B. Makepeace.

Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore.
National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship show.
Best Puppy, CC And Best of Breed.  Judge Mr V. Salt.
Shortlisted Pastoral Group.  Mr D. Smith.
Shortlisted Puppy Group.  Mr. N. Luxmore - Ball.

Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore.
North East of England Working & Pastoral Breeds open show.
Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore.  Best of Breed. Judge Mr R. Kingsley.

Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore, 1st Puppy dog / Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed. Reserve Dog CC.  Judge Mrs B. White.


Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore, 1st Puppy dog, Best Puppy in Breed, judge Mrs Moores.  Best Puppy in Show judge Mr H. Jones.

SMOOTH COLLIE CLUB OF GB Open show 14th April 2012

A wonderful debut for Foxearth Flock Master taking Best Minor Puppy in Breed,  Best Puppy Dog, , Best Puppy in Breed, Reserve Best Dog, Reserve Best of Breed, Best Minor Puppy in show, Best Puppy in Show.

Foxearth Sticky Fingers returned to the ring after her litter to win Open Bitch.

Lilymead amazing grace gains her second CC at Bournemouth 
Judge Mrs R Gibson.  Pelgart.


Foxearth Sticky Fingers  1st Limit Bitch

Lilymead Amazing Grace  2nd Open Bitch    RCC    Judge Mr B Makepiece  (Lynaire)